Location, Location, Location.

Ask any JCU student why he or she initially chose John Cabot University. Chances are that his or her response will be “location.”

John Cabot University’s Guarini and Tiber campuses marked by the red stars

As a bustling metropolis with one of the most fascinating histories in the western world, Rome is an incredible location for a liberal arts university.  Our Art History students are not only able to read about famous masterpieces in their textbooks, but are also able to see these works on a daily basis.  Our Political Science and International Affairs majors debate have class discussions in the same city where some of the most important political thinkers in history debated one another.  Our Business and Economics students are able to discuss the economic crisis and the nuances of the Euro with expertise due to their front-row seat, and our Religion students are in a perfect location to study some of the most important religions of the past several millenniums. No matter what major students choose, John Cabot University strives to use its advantageous location to supplement its students’ educations.

By Gaspa San Pietro

Vatican City, a fifteen minute walk from campus

John Cabot University is located in Trastevere, a central Roman neighborhood characterized by its cobblestoned streets and community feel.  Our campus is a short walk from most of Rome’s most important monuments: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and the Vatican.  Our professors use our location to their advantage when planning class excursions, and our study abroad students often cite these trips as some of their favorite classroom experiences.

Students at Fountain in Trastervere

JCU students hanging out in Trastevere

Whether you choose to come to JCU for a summer session, for a semester, or for four years, your experience in the eternal city is bound to be a truly unforgettable experience.

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